Sony Home Theater HT-IV300

Sony Home Theater HT-IV300

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Sony Home Theater HT-IV300

Sony Entertainment Network presents yet again a surprise package of one of the best Home Theatre System with an option to connect your DTH system to the HT to give you a never like before experience. Watch your favorite movies, videos or listen songs on this Sony HT-IV300 and have full enjoyment of your life. It is designed in such a way that you will never regret buying this compact in size 5.1 channel 1000 watt surround sound Home Theatre System. Along with all these varied options, Sony provides another amazing option which is, that this HT is Bluetooth and NFC enabled. Therefore, now never miss anything. Play your heart out with the all new Sony HT-IV300.

1000W Surround Sound

The powerful 1000W output and 5.1 Channel surround sound will turn your home into your personal theatre.

Play anything

Connect your smartphone via NFC/Bluetooth, or play multiple formats.

Connect to DTH

Plug in directly to your DTH system via single HDMI wire or optical input, and upgrade your TV-viewing experience. You can also connect it with the PlayStation, or connect your Blu-ray player with it..

Compact size

The compact and sleek design occupies lesser space, avoids any clutter, and is 40% smaller than conventional home theatre system. Its the mostcompact Home Theatre till date*.

Stylish design

The stylish design brings alive any corner of the room. Its compact size avoids any clutter, and its sleek, multi-angled speakers can be placed in any manner for the perfect sound.