Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones MDR-IF245RK

Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones MDR-IF245RK

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Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones MDR-IF245RK

Product Description

Dynamic Sound

Make the most of your movie dialogues, soundtracks and audios with the large 40 mm dynamic neodymium drivers of the Sony MDR-IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone that deliver a great sonic performance. The optimal frequency response between 10-24,000 Hz supported by this MDR-IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone enables you to listen to all kinds of low-mid-high sound frequencies with ideal clarity and crispness. The rocking peaks and the soft melodies will be audible letting you enjoy your multimedia collection greatly.

R.F. Wireless Connectivity

The radio frequency connectivity of this MDR-IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone is easy to use as you need to just press one button on your device to make a wireless connection. The R.F. wireless technology also enables a long range so that you can sync your IF Headphone with your compatible gadgets from the remote corners of your home.

High-Speed Charging, Long Battery Life

The provided dock that comes along with the MDR-IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone allows for a fast auto charging letting you get in touch with your music quickly. Once powered up fully, the IF Headphone provide you 28 hours of active battery life so that you can enjoy your multimedia collection uninterrupted.

Optimized for Greater Comfort

The MDR-IF245RK Wireless IF Headphone come with a self-adjusting and wide headband to give you more wearing comfort letting you listen to your music or your callers for long-lasting intervals. The closed type and on-ear headphones are lightweight and compact allowing you to handle these ergonomically. You would have no problem in disentangling the 1 m long connecting cable of the IF Headphone and would be able to keep your desk clean.