Skullcandy Bluetooth Earphone JIB Wireless

Skullcandy Bluetooth Earphone JIB Wireless

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Skullcandy Bluetooth Earphone JIB Wireless

Jib Wireless

Discover the convenience of bluetooth listening with Jib Wireless. Packing up to 6 rechargeable hours of battery life and an in-line microphone and remote with call and track control, you can live wirelessly without sacrificing any essential features.

Best of Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to take phone calls and stream your favorite music wirelessly-meaning no more cords to tie you down.

Stay in Control

Manage music and calls without ever touching your device thanks to an in-line microphone and multi-function remote that control everything with a single button.

Hours of Listening

With up to 6 hours of rechargeable battery life, you can talk on the phone or stream your favorite playlist longer than ever. And if the battery gets low, Jib Wireless lets you know.