Portronics Bluetooth Speaker Posh II

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What is unique about POSH II is the perfect blend of cool looks, fine leatherette finish, robust design, premium sound quality, ultimate convenience and is available at an unbeatable price too. Many portable Bluetooth speakers compromise on audio quality, especially at high volumes, and the finer aspects of music get lost due to design constraints. This is where POSH II fills the gap. Its unique design ensures that you will never miss a beat. POSH II is designed specifically for portability


Posh II comes with two 3W inbuilt speakers for that great audio experience you always wanted from a great portable speaker.


POSH II can connect with your device(s) through Bluetooth; therefore, you do not need to carry a USB cable or any kind of wires to play music on this amazing device.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Now you can connect your mobile/tablet with Posh II via bluetooth connection.

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