Corseca Bluetooth Headphone COCO DM6100

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Corseca Bluetooth Headphone COCO DM6100


Best-In-Class Audio Output

COCO features large 40mm driver speakers to provide hi-fi sound output with deep bass. It supports 200~10,000Hz of frequency range.

Professionally tuned

Corseca Acoustic Engineering makes your listening experience more intimate, personal, and real. True reproduction as recorded and meant to be listened.


Convenient Controls

The integrated on-ear control and microphone gives you easy command of track selection, volume level and hands-free phone calls.


Immersive Music Experience

Comfortable cushion ear-cups buffer outside noise for a fully immersive music experience


Boosted Battery

You can stay unplugged for up to 10-12 hours. Dependable battery capacity.


Streamlined Design

COCO features a stronger headband, softer ear cups and an ergonomic, flexible, custom fit for every head shape.